You can hire with confidence while protecting your organization’s hard-earned reputation with Employment Screening & Background Checks.

Make the best choice and hire the best candidates for your business with accurate and reliable verification provided by TruEmployment. Our extensive and comprehensive screening solutions cover everything from in-depth criminal background checks, drug/alcohol screening, employment verification, post-hire products, and more. The power is at your fingertips to make quicker, more educated, reliable, and confident decisions every day.

We are a leader in information retrieval. Our TruEmployment screening technology reduces costs, is easily accessible 24/7 365, and provides actionable intelligence. We give you a competitive advantage that allows you to successfully acquire and deploy the most qualified people when and where you need them.

TruEmployment set the standards for mitigating many employment risks. Our experience in providing innovative and state of the art screening and background check information provides you with the highest accuracy, insight, availability, turnaround times, and speed, so you can know that you are making the right decisions every day.

benefits of employment screening

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Benefits Of Employment Screening
Raise productivity and improve workplace safety by promoting and enforcing a drug-free workplace environment

Reduce reputational risk associated with employee-related wrongdoing tarnishing your companies reputation

Increase profitability by reducing losses through internal fraud, theft, and deception

Trim turnover rates as you successfully hire the most qualified staff with the best track records and integrity

from companies large and small

Easy-to-use, actionable and understandable intelligence and reporting

Pre-employment background checks

Post-hiring solutions

Simplified integrations with leading system solutions via our state of the art interface

Compliance guidance

Summary results