TruTenant is designed using our proprietary system to give you the most comprehensive bundle of information, services, and products, so that selecting the best prospects to fill vacancies is made easy. There are companies that claim to give you the information you need at a very low cost, however you could very easily be overlooking some very important information. Don’t be fooled by a low low price. Make sure you are receiving reports that truly deliver the required information you need to make intelligent decisions. Using TruTenant you can be confident that you are receiving the background and information you need to choose quality tenants from among a number of prospects.

The art of tenant screening consists of the systematic selection of information about a prospective tenant, verification of the information you receive, analysis of the information, and the determination as to whether the tenant meets your predetermined standards. Those applicants who meet or exceed your standards are then compared to each other and a selection is made among the qualified applicants. At that point a rental agreement is negotiated and the deal is closed.

Why is tenant screening critically important?

When you have a vacancy there is no income generated for that empty space. There is still however a mortgage, insurance, and all the expenses that go with maintaining a property. Filling vacancies is fairly simple. Filling a vacancy with a quality tenant that pays the rent on time, does not annoy other tenants or neighbors, and respects the property by acting responsibly, may be more difficult.

In an effort to minimize headaches in the future it requires that you create a plan or some standards. This plan is a method in which you will choose and screen new rental prospects. Without a plan you are just throwing darts at the board, and hoping one hits the bullseye. In addition, it is illegal to treat applicants differently on the basis of race, sex, religion, and other characteristics. The plan you create and utilize will consistently guide you to avoid any legal difficulty.

If I do not want to rent to certain people, how do I avoid renting to them without legal complications?

There are certainly those that no one wants to rent to. There are those who have a history of not paying their bills, damaging their rental units, have been evicted previously, and so on. To avoid these kinds of persons, please explore the rest of our website thoroughly. We will try and guide you in the right direction.

We support all laws including the Fair Housing laws. We may not always agree with them and might even ridiculed by them from time to time. We do however strongly urge compliance, and recommend others to make efforts not to evade them. We are strongly opposed to any type of discrimination or racial profiling.

Can I refuse to rent to someone just because I don’t like him or he makes me feel uncomfortable?

If your discomfort is not one of prohibited criteria, there should be no legal reason why you couldn’t refuse to rent to someone because of a general anxiety or a gut feeling about the person. You must use extreme caution when your screening decision is based on vague criteria, as you may open yourself up to a charge of “invidious discrimination’, regardless of whether you intended it to be so or not. You may use any criteria you desire to make these decisions, provided they are not the wrong or illegal types of criteria. The wrong criteria are those that are proscribed by law which varies from state to state. All states prohibit refusal to rent because of ethnic background, race, religion, sex, sexual proclivity, age, marital status, or income source. Laws for each state must be learned to see what other criteria may be prohibited.

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trutenant screening for landlords (property owners)

TruTenant can be customized to meet your individual needs and requirements. You have the ability to check a prospective tenant’s credit with our TruCreditcheck. An entire host of other reports including eviction reports, criminal background checks, OFAC, and sex offender searches, are also available. No business license requirements or onsite inspection is needed for these. A TRU we do not charge any membership or sign up fees. We have no minimums so you only pay for the services you need and receive.

trutenant for property managers

TruTenant provides a full suite of tenant screening services. TruCredit checks, TruBackground checks, TruEviction checks and reports, TruEmployment,(prior employment verification), and more. You can access all the information you need through our fast and easy to use TruIntegration online system. At TRU we do not charge any membership or sign up fees.

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