Resources for Employers

Nov 03, 2016

To help you make the most of your searches, and keep your business in compliance with local, state and federal policies regarding background searches, we want to provide you with relevant and up-to-date information and resources.

fair credit reporting act

federal trade commission regulations

california investigative consumer reporting agencies act

federal trade commission publicationss

using consumer reports: what employers need to know

negative credit can squeeze a job search

notice to users of consumers reports: obligations of users under the FCRA

disposing of consumer report information? a new rule tells how

counselling for small business owners

small business administration (SBA answer desk)

6302 Fairview Road, Suite 300
Charlotte, NC 28210
(800) U-ASK-SBA (800-827-5722)
Answer Desk TTY: (704) 344-6640

SBA regional office contacts

service corps of retire executives (SCORE)

SCORE Association
409 3rd Street, SW, 6th Floor
Washington, DC 20024
(800) 634-0245

information on proffessional background search companies

national association of professional background screeners

P.O. Box 3159
Durham, NC 27715
Telephone: (919) 433-0123 or (888) 686-2727
Fax: (919) 383-0035

articles and resources of interest to small business employers


other privacy rights clearinghouse publications of interest to employers

fact sheet 7: workplace monitoring

fact sheet 16: employment background checks: a jobseeker’s guide

fact sheet 16a: employment background checks in california: new focus on accuracy
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